Staging Tips for Your Tulsa Home

If you're getting ready to list your Tulsa home, you probably want to sell fast and for top dollar. Ready to make a lasting impression on buyers? Here are a few staging tips to help you completely refresh your space!

Start on the Outside

Create curb appeal

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter more than you think. Create curb appeal by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door, updating your walkway, clearing away clutter, and making any necessary repairs.

Welcome buyers inside

If you have a front porch, you'll want to show it off to buyers! Before adding accessories, sweep away any dust, dirt, or debris. From there, you can incorporate a new welcome mat or a potted plant, or even update your porch light!

Add new landscaping

Landscaping can completely transform a front yard—but be sure you don't go overboard! Trim back bushes, trees, and flowers and get rid of any brown spots on your lawn. If you need some more greenery, consider incorporating low-maintenance plants, such as coneflowers or ferns.

Clean & Repair

Tackle any lingering repairs

Have you been putting off a few to-dos? Be sure to complete all necessary repairs, both major and minor, before you sell your home. You may want to have a pre-listing home inspection to find out what needs to be done.

Clear out some clutter

Buyers don't want to be crowded by clutter as they tour your home, so be sure to get rid of it. Work room by room and sort your belongings into "keep," "donate," and "throw away" piles. Don't neglect your garage, closets, attic, or basement, either!

Deep clean

Dust bunnies, cobwebs, and built-up grime can turn a potential buyer off right away. Be sure to deep clean every room in your home and keep everything tidy for showings. If you don't have time to really deep clean, it's worth hiring a professional to help you out.

Add the Final Touches


When buyers tour your home, they'll want to imagine themselves living there. That means you need to remove any personal decorations, such as family photos, and neutralize you decor. If you have any brightly colored walls or furniture, consider toning them down with beige, grey, or white hues instead.

Let the light in

Natural light can really sell a home—and all you have to do is open the blinds and throw back the curtains! If you have a room that seems a little dark, consider adding some lamps with high wattage bulbs or replacing heavy drapes with a lighter, more translucent fabric.

Add some seasonal decor

While it's important to de-personalize your space, that doesn't mean it has to be devoid of style. Adding some seasonal decorations, such as fresh flowers in the spring, a pumpkin in the fall, or evergreen in the winter, can instantly add charm to a room.

Selling Your Tulsa Home?

If you're looking for even more staging tips, we'd love to lend a helping hand. The team at Accent Realtors has everything you need to successfully list, market, and sell your home...without any hassles. Ready to take your next steps? We're only a call, email, or text away.