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Accent Realtors, Inc. is comprised of a team of Tulsa real estate professionals committed to selling homes in the Tulsa Metro area. The Accent Team follows a unique business model and team approach consisting of specialists in every aspect of the home buying and selling process. Once the home is on the market, the team of experts takes care of every detail through closing.

Tulsa people trust the Accent Team to sell their homes and it shows; they are consistent national producers, selling over 40 times the average Realtor® nationally and ranking in the top 1/10 of 1% of the nation’s Realtors®. Accent Realtors has been ranked the #1 Team in Tulsa since 2004 by the Tulsa Business Journal.

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Photo of Paul Wheeler

Paul Wheeler Owner/Broker and Listing Specialist

Photo of Chris Brown

Chris Brown Listing Specialist

Photo of David Beckham

David Beckham Listing Specialist

Photo of Liz Overturf

Liz Overturf Buyer Specialist

Photo of Heather Rice

Heather Rice Buyer Specialist

Photo of Tina Gay

Tina Gay Buyer Specialist