So You’re Thinking of Becoming a Real Estate Agent? – Read This First!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next great Tulsa real estate agent?  Let's find out!

How to Be a Super Successful Real Estate Agent  How to Fail At Being an Agent
Your real estate firm supplies you with leads You're thrown to the wolves on your first day, expected to gather all the leads on your own
Your real estate firm plays you a base salary Your income is based 100 percent on the commission you bring in, with no base salary
Your real estate firm has low overhead expenses You have to pay your real estate firm a large portion of your earnings because of high overhead
You work for a firm that cares about its employees You work for a firm that only sees you as a way to make more money
You work for a firm that fosters interdependence and that celebrates "working as a team" You work for a firm with a "lone wolf" or "cut  throat" mentality

A Successful Real Estate Firm Will Make You A Successful Agent

As you can see, your success as a real estate agent depends a lot on what kind of real estate firm you're working for, starting with their philosophy on providing you a base salary when you're first hired.  Because let’s face it - filling your pipeline can take a while.  Thus, it’s important that you have leads to contact right away.

After all, even if you sign that buyer tomorrow, closing typically doesn’t happen for another 30-45 days.  So it's important to have that safety net in the form of a base salary.

Work for a Tulsa Real Estate Firm that Can Help You Achieve Success

At Accent Realtors, we do everything possible to ensure that our agents enjoy a successful career on the Tulsa real estate market.  

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