The Complete Guide to Rightsizing Your Home

If you need more space or less, a different floor plan, or easier access to nearby amenities, let’s figure out what kind of home is right for you in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Accent Realtors put together this handy guide to help you think through what’s right for you at this time in your life. Ready to find out?

Why It’s Time to Move

The first question you should ask yourself is why now is the right time to make a move into a differently-sized house. Often, there was a major life event that occurred and completely changed the amount of space needed in a home. Perhaps children moved out on their own, or someone in the household suffered a physical ailment. Sometimes, it can be as simple as overpaying for more home than you need. Changing jobs or a significant rise in home equity count, too! Whatever your reason, you’re getting signals that it’s time to consider different houses.

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Know Your Needs and Wants

There’s needs and wants, and finding the right home means balancing both. Now that you know why you’re moving, let’s consider the specific features you want and need. What does your current home have that you don’t need, and what must your new home absolutely have? For example, as we age, going up and down flights of stairs in a home can become cumbersome, as can a ton of yard work and maintenance. If you’d like to be more active, maybe buying in a walkable neighborhood with easy access to parks and open spaces is top of your list. Pick the most important things that will matter not just now, but far into the future.

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Declutter and Make Some Upgrades

Needs and wants aren’t just about the house itself, but all of your belongings, too. A great rule is if you haven’t used something in the last few months (or years!), it may be time for it to land in the donation pile. Of course, there’s sentimental objects you’ll want to hold on to, but reconsider duplicate items or unused ones. All this organizing will spotlight any areas of the home that need work, so consider what repairs, paint, or landscaping will really showcase why this is still a fabulous home for the right buyer.

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Work With the Right Team

To sell your home quickly and secure your new one, you’ll want to work with an experienced team that’s done this all a thousand times before. With so many styles of homes to choose from in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, Accent Realtors can guide you through your options. Maybe it’s time to trade in a downtown home for wide-open spaces in the rural communities, and take advantage of a 100% financed USDA home loan. Or you’re winding down and entering your golden years, so senior living communities in Tulsa or Broken Arrow are the next step. Whatever you’re ready to do, we’re here to help you live your dream.

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Learn More about Downsizing

Ready to Buy the Right Home?

When it’s time to make a major lifestyle change and rightsize your home, trust the team at Accent Realtors. As a high-performing real estate team, we’re always exceeding expectations and doing that little bit extra for our clients. And, we’re here to help you sell your old home, too. Contact us today to get started!