Lead Follow Up

Here is a video from Brad about lead follow up:

Here is a video from Brad about Bottom of Funnel Leads: 

Here are some of the questions that you can ask when you are following up with a lead:

1. For an email: Find a recent sale in the neighborhood and reference neighbors name and or address in the subject line


  • John Smith sold 123 Elm Street

2. When talking/texting with a potential seller, don't ask the 1st question, ask the 2nd assuming the answer to the first. Assume they are looking to sell/buy and then ask for details based on that assumption.


  • Are you looking to use your equity to upgrade to a larger home (great if they are a younger demographic, or have kids)
  • Once you sell, are you staying in the area?
  • Where are you looking to move?
  • Are you looking for another golf community?
  • Are you upsizing/downsizing?
  • Are you looking to purchase in the same area?
  • Are you looking at the same school district?
  • Are you moving to be closer to family?

3. It is easy for people to tell one lie, but harder for them to continue down that road. Try to keep them on the phone, even if they tell you that they aren’t interested, have already sold/bought.


  • Congratulations! Where did you buy?
  • Which agent did you use?
  • How much over asking did you get? (If they have not yet sold, they may not realize that they should to expect to get above their asking price)
  • How many offers did you put in?

4. Building rapport is very important, and one way to do that is by crafting a coincidence:


  • Do a little social media recon to look for things you may have in common and then find a way to bring them up organically in conversation
  • Unique, non-creepy bridges like college/highschool, sports teams, recent vacations, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to move the conversation away from real estate

5. HELOC: Here is a quick script for leads who are looking for a home value for the purposes of obtaining a HELOC


  • Ask them why they are trying to get a heloc.
  • Are they looking to add on?
  • Are they needing to make repairs?
  • How extensive are the repairs/renovations?
  • What is their “Number” - What is the price that they would be willing to accept to scrap their plans and move?
  • With the way that prices are currently, they may be much closer to that number than they realize.
  • Just because they think they want one thing, doesn’t mean that is going to be their final decision. Especially if they are in the information gathering stage, keep those lines of communication open, because once they see their options, they may well decide that it will take less time/money/energy to sell instead!