How to Sell Your Home During a Divorce

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Work With a Team You Trust

When life gets complicated, you need to remove as much stress as you can. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced real estate agents that can keep the situation calm. As hard as it sounds, looking at the home as a financial asset is the best way to make a smart decision. So, let’s work together to talk through the implications of selling your home. When you’re preparing to sell, we encourage everyone to work together and get the house ready to list. This means negotiating any repairs or upgrades. Once we find the real value of your home, it’s easier to know the next best steps.

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Consider Alternative Selling Options

There’s more to home selling than listing your home and sitting around waiting for offers. There are a variety of different ways to sell your home, and some of those may be especially advantageous during a divorce. Accent Realtors offers flexible options like instant offers, sell fast for cash, and guaranteed sale to fit with unique situations. Plus, there’s choices when it comes to moving on the timeline that works best for you. With our average days on market at just under two weeks, it may make sense to work with us to sell the home quickly so everyone feels good about the process.

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Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

No matter what type of sale sounds right, you’ll want to delegate the difficult parts. That means you don’t need to think about advertising and marketing your home, scheduling showings, or negotiating offers. We can even sell your home virtually if you’ve already moved out of the area. As the top team in Tulsa, you have the confidence of knowing we’ve got everything handled. Accent Realtors work hard to be a team that makes everyone happy, even during a sad time. We treat everyone with respect and kindness and want every client to walk away satisfied.

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Enjoy Your Equity and Shared Proceeds

The particulars of dividing the profits from the home sale are different in every divorce. No matter what you’ve agreed to, Accent Realtors are ready to support you in the sale. Remember that the timing of the sale plays a part, too. Plan accordingly to understand what to expect, and keep communication open between all parties, including your attorneys. Make sure to consult with experts for things like tax implications like capital gains. Negotiating a mutual agreement that benefits everyone helps put this event into perspective. Then, you’ll be better positioned to enjoy the outcome of a difficult process.

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Ready to Move Forward with Selling Your Home?

We’re ready to help. Don’t wait to start the conversation, even if you aren’t quite ready to sell. Contact Accent Realty to start planning for the home sale, figuring out your financial options, and offloading as much stress as possible. Our team is standing by to be there with you every step of the way.