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                                                         Paul Wheeler                                


How many homes did YOU, not your company, actually sell last year?  202

Do you work as a full-time Realtor?   YES

How many assistants do you have working for you?   13

Do you have a licensed Contract Closing Coordinatorto help manage my contract to closing?   YES

Do you have a manager in charge of all of the marketing on my home, or do you just do it when you have time?   YES

Do you have 21 Websites that show your homes?  YES  

Do you display informtion sheets/graphic for your homes on your signs?   YES                    

How often will I speak with my realtor tor review marketing efforts?   Every week  

How much do you personally spend marketing your listings each month?  $15,000  

What is the market trend at this time?   Strong Buyer’s Market  

How many active listings do you have?   75

How many pending listings do you have?   34

What are your average days on market?   30-40 

What is your List-to-Sales Price Ratio?  98.9


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