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Ready to Sell Your Tulsa Home?

Selling a home is a complex process. This overview will help you understand the process steps.  Click on any of the steps to get detail. Contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Choosing a listing agent
  2. Setting the right price
  3. Preparing your home for sale
  4. Consider staging assistance
  5. The marketing plan
  6. Showing the property
  7. Receiving the offer and negotiating the sale
  8. Finding Your Dream Home
  9. Inspections and appraisals
  10. The Closing and Moving On

1. Choose a Listing Agent with multiple personalities

Like a bird with many brains. Times have changed dramatically in recent years and if you haven’t sold a home in a while, your eyes are about to be opened wide. Most anyone will tell you, it’s time to place your trust in a full-service real estate brokerage like Accent Realtors. Every day, we help families like yours sell their homes for new ones throughout Tulsa. 

Nobody knows the market better than Accent Realtors.  We can:help you get the right price for your home in the shortest timehelp you select a new nest and make a winning offer and guide you every step of the way without a ruffled feather.  Our focus is on you and your family’s interests.  Our real estate team is completely client focused.  When you hire Accent you get a TEAM of Professionals.  Before you select any agent, be sure to read 10 Questions Most Realtors Are Afraid to Answer

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2. Getting the most for your home and selling it fast starts with setting the right price

Determining the fair market value of your property starts with an Accent Realtors Market Analysis. To establish value, we:

  • Analyze recent sales and current listings within your geographical area
  • Complete a detailed inspection of the property
  • Based on our market analysis, we can help you “right-price” your home and define the target market so that we can target pre-qualified prospects with laser-like precision.  

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 3. Preparing Your Home For Sale — How does your nest measure up? 

We’ll help you see your home through the eyes of a homebuyer and take a good look at your home, inside and out. Are there issues that you always wanted to correct, but just never got around to fixing? Now is the time, and not just for appearances sake. Click here for our free report, 10 Improvements Every Seller Should Make 

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 4. Consider staging assistance to put your home in finest feather

It is not uncommon for motivated sellers to change their home’s personality to more actively reflect the lifestyle of prospective buyers defined in your Market Analysis. Accent Realtors can provide access to professional staging.

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5. Accent Realtors Gets Your Home Sold With Proven Marketing Techniques!

Most realtors list and market homes with the basic 4 P’s of marketing.

1. They put up a sign.

2. They put up a key box.

3. They put the listing in the multiple listing service with the realtors association.  

4. They pray.  

Now all of those are important, but if that is all you do, we estimate that 70% of those homes will not sell. We sell most of ours in a very short time frame because of the fantastic marketing and the incredibly quick response time to the leads. Marketing in the right way combined with a sense of urgency is critical to our success and why we have been the most effective and productive team in the Tulsa area for many, many years. No one is even close to our success numbers in getting our sellers sold.  Paul Wheeler and his Accent Realtors team spend $15,000 a month on marketing and they put it in the places where it hatches results.  Some of the marketing we do includes the following:

  • A Smarter Search For Fussy Birds When buyers search for the perfect nest we make it easier with the most comprehensive search in the entire Tulsa market. Instead of settling for merely searching by price range, number of bedrooms and baths, and basics like lot size and school district, Accent Realtors buyers can dig deeper with optional searches for the number of living areas, location of master and other bedrooms, and neighborhood amenities including parks, trails, pools and schools.
  • Our Marketing Plan for You Let’s start with the sign and not just any sign. We know that 15% of all buyers come from the sign. We created a high-powered sign with a flyer box. Flyers generate hundreds of buyer leads through full colored interior and exterior photos with plenty of calls to action and reasons to call. And when they call to get information on a home, an interactive voice response system greets them with a recorded message that describes features unique to your home. Then we call them back immediately using the number and name we capture in our system.
  • Everywhere On The Web At Once Most realtors have a website but that is hardly enough. With 90% of all buyers starting their search on the web, Accent Realtors puts your home on dozens of websites. This global and local presence generates buyer leads that we low up on immediately with a sense of urgency and the appropriate communication skills.  In addition to everything mentioned above, we also launch telemarketing, direct mail, broadcast voicemail, email and fax campaigns to both potential buyers and to other agents in the business.

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 6. Showings, Showings and More Showings

Visibility generates interest, which results in activity. Potential buyers will ask to see your property. Other realtors will bring their clients. As we show, we learn and educate you as well. We will call you after every showing when prospects show interest. And every week, you will have a review with Paul Wheeler to discuss market feedback. 
Guaranteed Results or We Buy Your HomeWith marketing like this, it is easy to offer you our 90-Day Guaranteed Sale Program because we know we will sell your home and we will sell it quickly. 

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 7. Reviewing the Offer and Negotiating the Sale

As you receive an offer or multiple offers, we will review the details with you. Things to consider include the offer price compared to the listing price, buyer stipulations such as mortgage rates and terms, requests for seller participation in closing costs, closing dates and other details including appliances or other fixtures that were not originally included in the listing. If the offered price is too low or other buyer stipulations are not agreeable, you may reject an offer outright, or counter-offer. We will help you calculate various options and alternatives.  When the price and terms are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, the contract is then fully executed, and the sale can proceed.

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 8. Finding Your Dream Home in Tulsa

Now that you have a firm date for your closing and know what the proceeds of the sale will generate for you, it’s time to find your next home. The buying process is detailed in the Buyers Flowchart.

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 9. Required Inspections and Appraisals

As stipulated in the contract of sale, the buyer is entitled to have a variety of inspections, investigations and reviews performed pertaining to the structure including fixtures equipment and systems, environmental risks, insurability, flood and water runoff and other factors detailed in the contract. These inspections and reviews must take place within 10 days of the contract signing unless stipulated otherwise. Termite inspection is another required investigation. If any issues are uncovered during the investigations, the following chart illustrates how the seller and buyer may resolve the problems.

The lender will also order an appraisal of the property prior to finalizing approval of the mortgage.

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 10. Closing and Moving On

Closing takes place at the title company offices. Your purchase is only considered closed when all papers have been signed, the deed has been recorded and all funds have been disbursed.

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